Mirugi Kariuki Primary started in the year 20007 during the post-election violence days. It attracted many PEV pupil who used to arrive from other parts of the then North Rift region.

The school then was under construction from the Nakuru east CDF.

Donors provided tents for pupils to use as classrooms such as Safe the Child,UNICEF,Red Cross and KCB foundation.

Parents had to contribute whatever little they had to facilitate learning of their kids.

PCEA church Muguga also joined hands with well-wishers and gave the school a semi-permanent building to be used as a class.

The number of students has been increasing since then and by the year 2010 the school had a population of 1000 pupils.

Currently we have a population of 1159 pupils.

Teaching staff has also increased and currently we have twenty one ladies and seven gents totaling twenty seen.

We also have different departments in the school such as:

  • Examination Department
  • Guidance and counselling
  • Bible club
  • Young farmers
  • Music and Drama
  • Student government department


Music and drama

Our objectives:

To enable pupils to read with comprehension and learn to critically and aesthetically analyze works in dramatic literature and the …

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Young farmers club

Our Objectives: i) To encourage the tenagers to take an active role in the development of this country by making them aware of the agricultural …

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