Music and drama


Our objectives:

To enable pupils to read with comprehension and learn to critically and aesthetically analyze works in dramatic literature and the performing art

To enable pupils to learn to comprehend and analyze historical movements in dramatic literature and practice.

Drama and Theatre Arts majors will demonstrate a proficiency in dramatic literature, stage history, and theatre aesthetics.

Drama pupils will learn the importance of cooperation through collaboration.

Drama pupils will learn the importance of service to their community through the creative division of labor.

Drama pupils will work to create a supportive and respectful atmosphere for one another in all learning and working environments.

Guidance and counselling

The following are some of the benefits of guidance and counseling:

1.Pupils are given solutions on how to deal with psychological problems which …

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Young farmers club

Our Objectives: i) To encourage the tenagers to take an active role in the development of this country by making them aware of the agricultural …

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