Young farmers club


Our Objectives:
i) To encourage the tenagers to take an active role in the development of this country by making them aware of the agricultural potential and contribution in her economy.
ii) To develop a sense of self-reliance and individual responsibility in the youth.
iii) To expand the movement by instilling in Young people agricultural knowledge and also to hold competitive exhibitions and judging of livestock, farm and dairy produce in agricultural shows throughout the country.
iv) To achieve active membership participation in all aspects of club life.
v) To organize Youth social gatherings like rallies, field days, camps and seminars with a view to training and teaching them modern methods of farming and other matters affecting their day-to-day life.
vi) To organize Youth exchange visits to foreign countries to enable them to learn the culture and Agricultural practices of other people.
vii) To organize activities that will generate money for the development of the movement and the individuals.
viii) To develop good community relations whereby Young Farmers encourage their parents, relatives and friends to adopt better method of farming and take agriculture seriously.


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